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Develop Website | Vehicle and Personal Tracking | Graphic Design


Delivery management solution

Elements blocks from a range of
categories to build pages that
are rich in visual style.

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Web Development

We build website according to your requirements.

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GPS Online Tracking

Online vehicle tracking is the ultimate solution to boost fleet efficiency and productivity.

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Current Projects

Easily include image icon in the info box and adjust the size, color and other

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What is included in the Web Development service?

We help you register domain name of your choice. We will host your files. All in one package. We Design and, Development for your company website.

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What is included in the GPS Tracking sevice?

Our GPS solution allow you to view vehicle real time moving on the map. GPS solution will send SMS to your phone according to your requirement

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Is there any minimum payout ?

Yes, once you agree and signed a contract, we require a minimum deposit of RM200 to start the installation of GPS device on your vehicle.

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How would I know if the GPS is installed succesfully?

We will provide you a online tracking platform for you to view the real-time moving of the vehicle on the map.

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Deposit is refundable?

If the GPS installation is not successful due to vehicle model incompatibility, we will fully refund your deposit.

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