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We provide GPS Trcking solution as well as Website Developemnt.

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Website and GPS Tracking

We provide service to develop website. We also provide fleet tracking solutions. 

Some of the best solutions

Tracking and Monitoring


Delivery monitoring

The service allows to perform a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and delivery – transportation arrangements, delivery route optimization and cost saving. Logistics comprises a web-version for dispatchers and a mobile application for drivers. Web-version ensures effective operating procedures management: order placement, planning and distribution, Google Maps-based routing, delivery process monitoring and coordination.

Driver behavior monitoring

Eco Driving is a Wialon-based app that helps assess a driver’s performance. The solution evaluates driving skills based on penalty points for such violations as speeding, unnecessary acceleration, heavy braking, acceleration while cornering, etc. Sensors installed in a vehicle detect violations. Driving behavior analysis helps discipline and educate drivers. Professional and careful driving, in turn, contributes to reducing fuel costs, extends the vehicle service life, and improves fleet safety for passengers and cargos.

Online tracking

Online vehicle tracking is the ultimate solution to boost fleet efficiency and productivity. If heads of companies with mobile assets in possession don’t apply for online monitoring, they often face endless difficulties mostly related to inefficient vehicle use, fuel thefts and unfair execution of office.

Personal tracking

WiaTag application serves for efficient mobile workforce management. Due to accurate speed detection and detailed movement history of a unit, WiaTag is designed to optimize and control field operations and mobile staff performance. The application is free to download.

Data Analytics

Analyze your driver and vehicle efficiency

You can choose to receive SMS notification on certain event.

Data collected from the GPS device can let you know the amount of fuel consumed on certain trip.

Yes, you can view the real-time movement of your vehicle on laptop or mobile.


Pricing table

We have 3 plans below.
Following prices only applicable to monthly subscription.
* GPS device and installation require separate charges (one off fee).
Price is chargeable per device.


Most popular choice


  • 1 - 4 devices
  • Real-time movement view

Most popular choice


  • 5 - 10 devices
  • Real-time movement view

For the whole team


  • 10 and above devices
  • Real-time movement view